Our Mission.

Are you wanting to build your first gaming PC or want to build an upgrade, but stuck on how to do so? Our goal at Rebel Tech is to offer fully customizable gaming PCs. We understand that custom rigs can be intimidating and costly to fix if something goes wrong. That's why we provide the option to build a customizable PC, at our service location, with the parts you prefer and deliver it right to your doorstep.

Who is RebelTech for?

PC gaming has been a prominent topic for years. We aim to provide excellent service and quality to all customers, including PC gamers, those interested in buying their own gaming PC, and computer enthusiasts. Our goal is to surpass customer expectations and ensure satisfaction. Your happiness is our priority.

How it Works

RebelTech's service is meant to be a relatively seamless experience, where you can submit your desired PC and we do the rest. First, it begins with a web PC building tool such as PCPartPicker or PC Builder. Then, you choose your desired parts with a preferred budget or goal. While choosing the different componenents, ask yourself: "What do I want this PC to do?" If you're not exactly sure what to look for in parts, check out this extensive guide made by Micro Center, which talks about the different components in a modern Gaming PC. After choosing your parts using one of the mentioned part picking websites, copy the link at the top of your list, so you can submit it using the Submit My Order page. Any questions about the order process may be answered in the FAQ. Congrats! You have completed ordering your fully customizable PC, and soon enough, you will be sent an invoice and/or any issues with your list that will be communicated and fixed promptly with you via email.